Traditional Thai Massage:

Thai massage is very effective for stress reduction and relaxation, reducing muscle tension, getting rid of muscle knots, gaining more range of movement, and managing the discomforts caused by prolonged sitting and alleviating aches and pains. In the past I noticed that my shoulders and neck held a lot of tension due to working for long hours, Thai massage really helped me reduce pain and tension in those regions without the use of pain killers. This is what led me to pursue traditional Thai massage training.
60 minutes $95 – 90 minutes $130 – 2 hours $160

Thai Hot Oil Massage:

Thai hot oil massage provides many benefits removes toxins, is great for the skin and brings very deep relaxation. Helps with depression. Improves lymphatic and circulatory system. Removes toxins from body. Nurtures the skin.
60 minutes $85 – 90 minutes $120 – 2 hours $150

Deep Tissue:

This massage is ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results-driven treatment i.e., athletes, body builders, larger clients, people who are constantly under stress and tension, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage. After receiving a deep tissue massage there may be some soreness or stiffness to your muscles. This generally doesn’t last more than a day. Ensure that you drink plenty of water and to avoid strenuous exercise the day after your massage to help your muscles heal. Your massage therapist may recommend that you ice certain areas of your body, or that you take a hot bath—depending on what you’re being treated for.
60 minutes $85 – 90 minutes $120 – 2 hours $150

Sports Massage:

Designed for performance and faster recovery. Perfect before or after a work-out. No matter what discipline you are engaged in the physical and social rewards of your focused energies don’t come without a price. After a serious workout your muscles need to recover – they need time and attention. A great way to take care of and tend to your hard-working and often overused and overloaded muscles is through the natural healing art of a soft-tissue treatment.
60 minutes $85 – 90 minutes $120 – 2 hours $150

Relaxing Massage:

Includes techniques that are long and drawn out slowly to relax the client based on the preferred pressure.
60 minutes $75 – 90 minutes $105 – 2 hours $130

Seniors Massage

Seniors (Geriatric) massage helps to alleviate discomforts through the application of gentle, caring, and safe techniques to facilitate pain relief, relaxation, and an overall feeling of well-being. A compassionate healing touch is important to all of us, but truly more beneficial for many seniors who are not as mobile as they used to be. Massage adds to create activity and vitality. It stimulates circulation, diminishes aches and pains, relieves joints and muscles friction, allowing for more mobility. Furthermore, massage helps to induce a feeling of well-being, minimizing depression to create a happier and optimistic outlook on life. Massage can be given in the comfort of your home, long-term care facility, or hospital. Depending on the condition, the person receiving the massage can be in bed, seated upright in a chair or wheelchair, or lay on a floor mat. Each session is tailored to the current health condition and needs of the individual. Nothing vigorous is performed.
For clients who are bed-bound, the practitioner will administer massage right on the bed. More focus will be spent on the hands, arms, legs and feet. This will also enhance relaxation, body awareness, sensation, and circulation in an aging body. In-home or on location services offer convenience as the elderly do not have to travel to receive the massage.
60 minutes $85 – 90 minutes $105 – 2 hours $130

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